About Us!

Our mission is to empower girls, gender non-conforming, and trans* youth through music, art and activism.

We run a free, week-long musical empowerment camp every summer and provide free year-round instrument access through the Free Richmond Instrument Lending Library.  This year, we began to facilitate a youth-led art and activism group for teens called Spectrum Scouts! RVA.

The First Girls Rock! RVA Benefit Show 12/2010

GR!RVA is operated by a dedicated group of volunteers.  Because we believe in economic justice for artists, we crowdsourced funding for volunteer stipends in order to compensate our staff for working at the 2015 camp.   We are so deeply grateful to our community for their generosity in helping us achieving that goal.

Because we believe in racial justice as well, our volunteers have spearheaded an outreach committee to make Girls Rock! RVA more accessible to people of color and lower-income families in the years to come.  This is our top priority for the coming years.

We’ve come a long way since our initial formation in early 2010.  We continue to be amazed by the creativity of Richmond youth, and at the generous support of our volunteers and our community.