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Support Girls Rock! RVA Today! 2018 Fundraiser

Hello Girls Rock! RVA community!  We are super excited to announce our 2018 camp fundraiser!

Click here to check it out! More info in and below the video.

This year, we are hosting our seventh free camp for girls, gender non-conforming, and trans youth. We are asking for your support to provide free music instruction, workshops, meals, snacks, and art activities to 40 campers, and meals and stipends to over 40 volunteers.

As an organization, we’ve made a lot of changes and progress recently! We moved into our first space, purchased our first van for camper and equipment transport, and recruited several new organizers to help with awesome year-round programming and education.

Find out more + donate today! Your contributions make all of this possible. We are forever grateful to our supportive community.

2018 Volunteer Training Sessions

The following workshops are optional (but encouraged!) trainings for volunteers leading up to camp week. Created with the hope of increasing volunteer preparedness and building community, all sessions are free and open to the public and all are welcome to attend. Food and drink will be provided.


This workshop will center on GEAR! Amps, cables, instruments, setting up, tearing down, making sounds, troubleshooting, etc.


This workshop will center on being trauma-informed while working with youth at camp. RSVP ON FACEBOOK


This workshop will focus on the topic of gender. RSVP ON FACEBOOK