Our Values and Guiding Principles



We believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table, especially those historically left out of and decentered in organizing and creative spaces.


We aim to complement and supplement the rich and varied organizing already happening in Richmond rather than duplicate or compete with it.

We believe collective strength can be found in accepting our differences without ignoring or emphasizing them.

Creative freedom and self-expression

We deserve to be creative in whatever ways we need to, to make the music and art that we want to, and to express and embody our whole selves as we see fit.

We believe art and expression are crucial components of the struggle for collective liberation.

Healing and empathy

We approach our work from a trauma-informed perspective, understanding that trauma-related behaviors represent resilience and survival.

We believe that all people need room to make mistakes, and that we can and must hold each other accountable with love.

Integrity, transparency, and horizontality

We endeavor to be direct and sincere with one another and with our community.

We are committed to performing the ongoing labor of shifting and decentralizing power in our organization.


We believe that all people have the right to determine for themselves how to use, move, and treat their own bodies.

DIY and DIT (Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together)

We believe that access to structural power and capital should not determine anyone’s ability to engage in creativity and self-expression.

We are formidable and capable by ourselves, and even more so together.

Guiding Principles

Our work is political.

We approach our work through the lenses of intersectional feminism, gender justice, racial justice, disability justice, economic justice, and anti-capitalism.

We strive to center those most affected by the oppressions we fight and uplift the thoughts, expressions, and feelings of those most often unheard.

Youth are already powerful.

We resist the idea that adults endow young people with power. Instead, we believe in providing youth with tools to amplify their voices, which are already strong, valid, and necessary.

Our work is elastic and always changing.

We acknowledge that our social, political, and geographical landscapes are forever shifting, and we are committed to doing the work necessary to move with them.

Humor and joy are tools for liberation.

We demand space in the struggle for creativity, joy, and hopefulness, because these are integral parts of the world we are building.